Vehicle maintenance does not depend on the feeling misunderstanding detour

July as promised, really into the hot summer, hot. In this season, the air conditioning does not cool, flat …… problems arising vehicle owners are so irritable endless. Some owners said that before the advent of the summer, has been done to the car maintenance, how could this kind of problem?

Myth one: the cooling water temperature as low as possible?

In the summer, the engine work environment becomes more and more severe, many vehicle owners in order to prevent the engine from overheating, will find ways to cool the engine, and even the owners will tear down the thermostat, can be described as anti-“boil” recount. In addition, some owners believe that summer car tank can water winter “antifreeze” is just defense “freeze” the summer useless.

According to the hippocampus car service personnel, some of these are one-sided understanding, some are wrong. Engine temperature is not as low as possible, if the cooling water temperature is too low will reduce fuel burn effect, increase fuel consumption, increased engine wear and ultimately reduce engine power. Meanwhile, it has been very excellent engine performance, trip computer engine operating conditions with precise control, and then like to deal with “classic cars” on the thermostat as “hands and feet” is no longer necessary. Service Experts also stressed that the antifreeze is not just “freezing” so simple, antifreeze boiling point of water is higher than in the hot summer months, changing the water or water mixed with antifreeze to cool the engine, but easy to “boil.”

Solution: The engine is also optimum operating temperature when the cooling water temperature of 80 to 90 ℃ control can optimize the operation of the engine. Owners of the coolant should be replaced once a year, if not timely replacement car will appear boiling point decline, corrosion performance degradation and so on .                                                             Ford VCM II

Myth: air conditioner does not cool the refrigerant is added

Found that air conditioning is not cool, the first reaction is that the owners’ lack of fluoride “, so the car directly to the 4S shop or repair station requirements add refrigerant. But in fact, if not detected blindly adding refrigerant, it may cause excessive air conditioning refrigerant pipe, but will make the system cooling efficiency, air-conditioning does not cool more.

In fact, in addition to air conditioning does not cool “lack of refrigerant”, there are many other possible causes, such as air filter clogged, dirty air conditioner does not cool it will cause air volume decreases.

Solution: The main timely replacement car air filter, the brand has a fixed replacement cycle, the timely replacement of filter can improve the air flow and the ability to get rid of the smell. If the owners feel the smell blowing air conditioning, air-conditioning duct may be caused by mildew, etc., in order to protect the health, in which case the need for air conditioning duct cleaning.

Some driving tips you can let air play a greater effect. After the car outdoor exposure, do not rush to open the air conditioning, you can first window ventilation, the temperature inside the vehicle, such as a slightly smaller then the air conditioning, the use of recycled, making the car fast cooling. After running for some time, to be more comfortable temperature inside the car, and then use the outer loop, you can keep the fresh air in the car.

Myth: The more expensive the better lubricants

Generally, price and brand owners like to use to measure the quality of lubricating oil, but from the perspective of professionals that is not the choice of lubricant is better care of your car, not all oils are suitable for use in the summer.

Solution: Try to choose two of the higher grade lubricants. According to reports, a good lubricant according to SAE viscosity grade and API quality levels to choose from. If the API quality level has been fixed, Oil Change, note SAE viscosity grade mark on the packaging. To “SAE10W-40” as an example: SAE viscosity grade refers, W refers to use of oil for the winter, W in front of the figure is smaller, low-temperature fluidity of such lubricants as possible, lubricate better cold start; behind viscosity refers to the size of the digital 10,20,30,40 etc. the higher the number, the higher the temperature viscosity.

In everyday use, and not have to use expensive oil, and that the use of a good oil, the wrong label will cause harm to the car. The correct approach is to select the lubricant within the range specified by the manufacturer’s label. Winter selectable within the allowable range of relatively low viscosity lubricants; summer, on the contrary, you can choose a relatively high viscosity oil.

Myth 4: Reduce tire pressure to prevent puncture

Referred to prevent puncture during the summer, some of the older drivers often choose to lower the tire pressure recommended for novice to circumvent the puncture risk. In fact, lower tire pressure and sometimes even more dangerous than the tire pressure is too high.

This is because the majority of car tires are now radial tires. This tire carcass, the material is polymer multilayer cross, which is the number of the top layer of woven steel wire cord. If the tire pressure is not enough, these wires will increase the amount of variation in a short time will produce a lot of heat, this is the real reason for the summer puncture.

Meanwhile, the tire pressure is also directly related to traffic safety. Tire pressure is too low or too high will cause the power and braking performance of the vehicle, driving stability. Tire pressure is too low will make cars more expensive oil.

Solution: The best to the 4S shop owners or regular repair shop, regular inspection, adjust tire pressure, tire pressure maintained within the range specified in the factory. Especially before a long trip in summer, but also to carefully check the tires, in addition to tire pressure, the wear and tear, damage to the tire carcass needs to be careful not to “sick child” on the road. Usually the owner can also prepare a pen-type tire pressure gauge, tire pressure monitoring at any time.

If the owners and better financed, but also filled with nitrogen to tires and spare tire. Diatomic nitrogen is an inert gas, chemically extremely active, low coefficient of thermal expansion, low thermal conductivity, changes in temperature, low volume expansion than the air, reducing the chance of a puncture. Nitrogen filled tires when driving small deformation, the ability to improve grip and reduces rolling resistance and reduce fuel consumption.

Amid the hot weather, the owners are in addition to pay attention to these four errors in the hot summer to do a car targeted “examination” is the top priority. At present, many domestic auto brands have launched a summer service car maintenance services. A wealth of activities and professional services products that can help your car easily summer.

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