Ford chairman: willing to cooperate with Uber, Lyft, etc

June 28, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that the automotive industry for trying to subvert the traditional business model of start-up companies, such as taxi service Uber and Lyft, Ford Chairman Bill Ford small (Bill Ford Jr.) Said he was for them open-minded cooperation.

“Whether it is Uber or Lyft, or another company (car company), we are willing to cooperate with them.” When Little Bill Ford recently accepted an interview with The Wall Street Journal said, “We are willing to get to know them, to see what a good cooperation in space, rather than shut out or ignore them. ”

Uber and Lyft become increasingly popular in recent years, which makes it possible to use a private car carrying money, but also bring convenience to consumers. At the same time, they also let the auto industry executives worry that they will suppress the growing market demand for new vehicles.

Little Bill Ford said the company’s board of directors often talk about the problem of disruptive innovation, business model and market changes and so on.

He advocated the automotive industry should embrace more conducive environment practices and technologies. He said he joined Ford in 1988 when the board said, “I have to stop dealing with environmental organizations.” In fact, he did not do it, but established a “sustainability committee”, meaning the saving water, reducing waste and other matter of effort, and to increase the use of renewable raw materials in the tracking company. Ford vcm ii

Bill Ford had little schematic Ford CEO Alan Mulally (Alan Mulally) must want to inject the concept of sustainable development among the company’s business plan. This prompted Ford to use recycled materials in plastic products, soy foam for automotive seating places for the material, the company later this year will introduce more hybrid vehicles. Little Bill Ford stressed that this year was named Interbrand “Best Global Green Brands.” Ford VCM II

In the past few years, small Bill Ford focus turned to mobility – or prevent immobility. Ford CEO-elect Mark Fields (Mark Fields) had said in his speech, Ford is becoming a “mobile company” car manufacturers should be involved in how to relieve urban traffic congestion discussion.

Some car manufacturers have also expressed similar concerns. “New technologies change the way we look at the way cars and traffic.” Osamu Nagata, president of Toyota Engineering Ford VCM and Manufacturing North America operations said in a statement Friday.

Threat of urban traffic congestion to the automotive industry to bring more and more obvious. For example, China’s largest city registered in limiting new car.

“We want to become the best car company, we focus on this goal, but we also recognize that the world we live in is changing, we are facing one of the problems is that urban traffic congestion.” Little Bill Ford said. “I think any company should be committed to making people’s lives better, and to solve their problems.”

To this end, Ford will seek to promote the semi-automatic driving and driving the popularity of exploration or relieve congestion car sharing project.

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