2 minutes so that you become a vehicle fault diagnosis expert

Wheel turns black

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: wheel turns black because the brake when braking, brake calipers and wheel disc friction wear some toner, these toner if not promptly removed, because alloy wheels wheels will heat, these Toner heat resulting in coking surface alloy wheels, it becomes a hard surface layer of dark brown water can not always fall. Because the front brake, the vehicle center of gravity forward, all the weight is concentrated toward the front, the front brake causing heavy burden, which is the front brakes are grinding down a lot more than the rear Toner’s sake, to avoid such phenomenon, we must ground flush wheels.

Driving the same brand of car, why someone else’s car burn less oil, but his car was burning more oil

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: First of all, the car in the rugged, steep bend on the road and more magnanimous than on flat smooth roads with low friction oil consumption to more; cars in the sand, the soil surface than cement, asphalt the quality of roads to be more fuel; vehicles traveling in the downtown area than in the suburbs with fuel to be more. Complex downtown traffic, cars and often encounter traffic jams, low speed, and suburban traffic is relatively good, the car can keep the economy speeds. Secondly, you should always check the cylinder pressure changes, spark plugs and fuel system work working condition, the engine whether to choose the ideal mixture concentration and proper ignition timing, these are the key to determine how much fuel the car.

Windshield winter fog

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: In winter driving, especially just a few people on the bus, inside the front windshield fogging easily affected by sight, even constantly rub, or constantly foggy, particularly affecting traffic safety. Following is a brief rapid demisting and anti-fogging method: rapid demisting air conditioner switch opens the vent selector knob to the front windshield blown location, three or more closed or reduced outlet, turn the knob to adjust the air volume to the appropriate location. If the outside air is dry, the air is good, the intake should be chosen from outside the vehicle, otherwise you can choose interior air circulation. The temperature control knob to the right position, so that the interior temperature comfortable. Glass using a dedicated anti-fog glass fogging agent, supermarket or car shop on sale, the price is not expensive, very good. If there is no special glass fogging agent, you can also use household detergent or detergent instead of glass, it would be a clean wet cloth, wipe the inner surface of the windshield, and then wipe clean the glass can also play the role of the anti-fog.

When hill parking, sometimes “P” gear shift position can not move

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: Sometimes vehicles parking in the hill again, “P” file location can not move the file to start the engine when the phenomenon. This is because we generally are the first stop after depressing the brake, put the gear down “P” gear position, lift the rear brake pedal, the vehicle will move because of the weight, resulting in mechanical locking transmission “claw” force the card in the slot caused jaws, causing appear when moving files to effortlessly feeling. This is not a fault, the correct method of operation would avoid such a situation. Namely: the brake pedal, the shift lever is placed in the P file, pull the handbrake, then lift the brake pedal.

From the mist inside the headlight

Failure to determine: true failure.

Analysis: After the headlamp cover has a plastic or rubber ventilation channel, and this channel on the headlamp structure must exist, otherwise the thermal expansion of the gas can not be ruled out, the ventilation channel is not only a gas inlet. If slight haze phenomenon, after the air circulation or open headlamp will soon dispersed, if there is always need water or mist can not afford to loose a professional car repair workshop excluded.

Walking through uneven road vehicle deceleration or buffer zone of “creak” sound

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: Under normal circumstances, whether a new car or a used car, while walking through uneven pavement or road gear buffer zone, will have a “creak” sound. Sound will be smaller car, cars will be larger, this is not a malfunction. This is due to the current car independent suspension structure are used, in order to achieve damping portion connected with a rubber member, the vibration when the vehicle reaches a certain level, due to the deformation of the rubber member and sound, when the amplitude of the vibration is relatively small , the sound is relatively small.

Pedal slight “creak” sound when the clutch

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: Some vehicles when the clutch pedal, always will issue similar to “squeak, squeak” sound, it is annoying, but also thought it was a faulty clutch, this phenomenon is due to the support shaft due to the long clutch pedal The wear and tear caused by the use of mild, generally apply some lubricant support shaft at it.

Level within the brake master cylinder cup with the use of oil continue to reduce

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: Some friends often careful cleaning, check the vehicle. You will find the brake fluid level in the brake fluid cup constantly low, this is not a malfunction. This is because with the use of the vehicle, the brake pads gradually wear thin, the brake fluid in the master cylinder cup oil continues into the brake cylinder, which is normal, when the replacement of brake pads, brake fluid it can be restored to the original level of the height of the.

There are slight “leak” sound when the brake pedal

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: This is the sound emitted by the vacuum booster. The vacuum brake booster negative pressure principle is the atmospheric pressure difference generated between the work when using the engine turbocharger to force the inner rubber diaphragm moves, pushing the brake master cylinder piston, in order to reduce the driver brake pedal force. When not step on the brake pedal, the engine intake manifold negative pressure is introduced into the cavity on both sides of the diaphragm, the pressure balance so that the turbocharger does not work when the brake pedal, the booster cavity of the rubber diaphragm The vacuum holes closed and open air holes to allow outside air to enter, because the pressure is greater than the pressure chamber to another chamber, forcing the rubber diaphragm to move and drive the brake master cylinder piston moves, and thus play a role in supercharging ford vcm ii.

When the brake pedal, shift lever at the “clicking” sound

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: automatic transmission shift lever to prevent misuse of vehicles generally have a function to prevent the driver or the vehicle occupant safety accidents occur due to misuse. So, in the “P” position without the brake pedal gear shift lever can not carry. Lever at the “rattling” sound is the sound when the solenoid valve action, every step on the brake pedal again, the solenoid valve will be audible vcm ii.

Depress the clutch pedal amount of hours, holding files not happy, and sometimes when you hang gear impacts.

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: Some cars use a clutch cable type. When there will be a period of time after the clutch pedal gradually becomes low, feeling short trip when the clutch is not happy when hanging files, and sometimes when you hang gear impacts. This is because the cable adjuster lock nut fixing the clutch pedal with the increase in the number of threads caused by automatic rotation. This is not a fault, just a little rotation lock nut can be fixed.

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