Tell your Ford car fault diagnosis and simple treatment method

1, the exhaust black smoke:

Failure to determine: true failure. Analysis: indicates that the mixture is too thick, incomplete combustion. The main reason is the car engine overload, lack of cylinder pressure, engine temperature is too low, improperly adjusted carburetor, air filter clogging, and individual cylinder ignition does not work late and so on. When troubleshooting, it is timely to check whether the choke fully open, overhaul, if necessary; look after the flame from the mouth of the main nozzle carburetor, if oil injection or drip out, then float chamber oil level is too high and should be adjusted to the specified range Tighten or replace the main jet; clogged air filter should be cleaned or replaced dredge.

2, the vehicle’s exhaust pipe exhaust blue smoke:

Failure to determine: true failure. Analysis: due to the large amount of oil into the cylinder, but can not due to incomplete combustion. Remove the spark plug, you can find a serious coke phenomenon. Need to check the oil dipstick is too high; cylinder and piston clearance is too large; piston ring is installed backwards; intake valve guide seals for wear or damage; cylinder head gasket is ablation, where necessary, be repaired.

3, vehicle exhaust pipe white smoke, severe cold car, not white smoke hot car:

Failure to determine: false failures. Analysis: This is because gasoline contains water, while the engine is too cold, then the fuel into the cylinder cause incomplete combustion or steam generated fog formation of white smoke point. Winter or rainy season, when the car is first started, we often see rows of white smoke. It does not matter if the engine temperature rises, white smoke will disappear. This condition does not have to overhaul.

4, engine noise, step on the accelerator pedal when the vehicle is in place, the “Long, Long” noise, vibration sense of the engine compartment.

Fault determination: Use fault. Analysis: lifting the vehicle, you can see the engine has a bump toe board traces. If there are obstacles in the road and forced through the engine toe-boards should be bump. Toe-board engine oil pan after deformation distance becomes closer, if too close when accelerating sump guard plate collided with the bottom of abnormal noises will make body vibration. Therefore, we must carefully observe the traffic in the road, do not cause drag the bottom phenomenon. Treatment: Remove the toe board, flatten correction can vcm ii

5, the steering wheel of the vehicle is always correct, left a will, a will to the right, erratic:

Failure to determine: true failure. Analysis: This is due to the fixed steering groove of the rubber stopper has been completely damaged cause. After the new stopper refitted fault completely disappear.vcm ii


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