Experts teach you identify maintenance mileage used cars from the details

Used cars for sale used cars mileage before the amendment has become a common phenomenon in the industry, open garages for many years to adjust under the odometer, the price immediately increased significantly. According to an automotive plant employees about the odometer currently using mechanical, an electronic order. Mechanical odometer are mainly old car use, you can toggle directly counter gear with a screwdriver, you can freely adjust the mileage. Electronic mainly used in the production of new cars in recent years, the market has been the emergence of a specific electronic odometer adjusting table instrumentation, data storage chip by modifying the car to change the LCD mileage readings. When changes to the chip removed from the car, or through the vehicle data port connection can be modified , ford vcm ii for sale.

The average consumer to identify the odometer has been debugged very difficult, but there are ways to tell if the odometer has been changed.

1, the most simple way is: Go to the 4S shop check the car’s maintenance record. But usually only the car is still more applicable warranty period, because some owners out of warranty do not go after the 4S shop maintenance, there will be no maintenance records.

2, has been a vehicle warranty period, you can go to the insurance company. Insurance policy, there will be some mileage records.

3, if the above method will not work, it is only by looking at the vehicle. You can usually see several places: First, the wheel wear, and second brake pads wear, the third is the wear of the tire. “If the odometer shows the car ran only 10,000 km, but the steering wheel wear was more serious, it is certainly a problem,VCM II shop. Circumstances brakes and tires as well. However, because the replacement tires and brake pads may be ground, and therefore according to the actual situation: for example, the car is about 50,000 km, but the tires are new and may have some general questions, probably a tire can run 60,000 km, “but such a view, no professionals. experience, the average consumer is difficult to do.

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