How to do with Ford VCM II when it didn’t work

At first,when you connect the ford vcm ii,check the LED light …there have 4 LED light on it

The Ford VCM II from left to right are vehicle interface LED ,PC interface led,Power LED,ERROR LED..

If vehicle interface Led don’t works shows that you don’t have connect the Vehicle ,the probly reason may be the cable have problem or your car Interface aging,the second one will be can use other tool to confirm if car Interface aging.

PC interface led light show that you have connect the computer correctly,if no,try another USB interface


The Ford VCM II Offers:

Authentic OEM diagnostics for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles

Customer Flight Recorder (CFR) functionality with an optional pendant cable

Industry standardized J1962 Data Link Connector (DLC) and USB cables

Four LED indicators and signaling device providing technician with continuous visual as well as audible operating status

Enhanced 802.11 wireless that minimizes dependencies on service department wireless capability infrastructure

Improved durability

SmartPower Management system to protect the VCM II in extreme environments

If you want to buy Ford VCM II,visit our shop

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