How to do with Ford VCM II when it didn’t work

At first,when you connect the ford vcm ii,check the LED light …there have 4 LED light on it

The Ford VCM II from left to right are vehicle interface LED ,PC interface led,Power LED,ERROR LED..

If vehicle interface Led don’t works shows that you don’t have connect the Vehicle ,the probly reason may be the cable have problem or your car Interface aging,the second one will be can use other tool to confirm if car Interface aging.

PC interface led light show that you have connect the computer correctly,if no,try another USB interface


The Ford VCM II Offers:

Authentic OEM diagnostics for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles

Customer Flight Recorder (CFR) functionality with an optional pendant cable

Industry standardized J1962 Data Link Connector (DLC) and USB cables

Four LED indicators and signaling device providing technician with continuous visual as well as audible operating status

Enhanced 802.11 wireless that minimizes dependencies on service department wireless capability infrastructure

Improved durability

SmartPower Management system to protect the VCM II in extreme environments

If you want to buy Ford VCM II,visit our shop

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Vehicle maintenance does not depend on the feeling misunderstanding detour

July as promised, really into the hot summer, hot. In this season, the air conditioning does not cool, flat …… problems arising vehicle owners are so irritable endless. Some owners said that before the advent of the summer, has been done to the car maintenance, how could this kind of problem?

Myth one: the cooling water temperature as low as possible?

In the summer, the engine work environment becomes more and more severe, many vehicle owners in order to prevent the engine from overheating, will find ways to cool the engine, and even the owners will tear down the thermostat, can be described as anti-“boil” recount. In addition, some owners believe that summer car tank can water winter “antifreeze” is just defense “freeze” the summer useless.

According to the hippocampus car service personnel, some of these are one-sided understanding, some are wrong. Engine temperature is not as low as possible, if the cooling water temperature is too low will reduce fuel burn effect, increase fuel consumption, increased engine wear and ultimately reduce engine power. Meanwhile, it has been very excellent engine performance, trip computer engine operating conditions with precise control, and then like to deal with “classic cars” on the thermostat as “hands and feet” is no longer necessary. Service Experts also stressed that the antifreeze is not just “freezing” so simple, antifreeze boiling point of water is higher than in the hot summer months, changing the water or water mixed with antifreeze to cool the engine, but easy to “boil.”

Solution: The engine is also optimum operating temperature when the cooling water temperature of 80 to 90 ℃ control can optimize the operation of the engine. Owners of the coolant should be replaced once a year, if not timely replacement car will appear boiling point decline, corrosion performance degradation and so on .                                                             Ford VCM II

Myth: air conditioner does not cool the refrigerant is added

Found that air conditioning is not cool, the first reaction is that the owners’ lack of fluoride “, so the car directly to the 4S shop or repair station requirements add refrigerant. But in fact, if not detected blindly adding refrigerant, it may cause excessive air conditioning refrigerant pipe, but will make the system cooling efficiency, air-conditioning does not cool more.

In fact, in addition to air conditioning does not cool “lack of refrigerant”, there are many other possible causes, such as air filter clogged, dirty air conditioner does not cool it will cause air volume decreases.

Solution: The main timely replacement car air filter, the brand has a fixed replacement cycle, the timely replacement of filter can improve the air flow and the ability to get rid of the smell. If the owners feel the smell blowing air conditioning, air-conditioning duct may be caused by mildew, etc., in order to protect the health, in which case the need for air conditioning duct cleaning.

Some driving tips you can let air play a greater effect. After the car outdoor exposure, do not rush to open the air conditioning, you can first window ventilation, the temperature inside the vehicle, such as a slightly smaller then the air conditioning, the use of recycled, making the car fast cooling. After running for some time, to be more comfortable temperature inside the car, and then use the outer loop, you can keep the fresh air in the car.

Myth: The more expensive the better lubricants

Generally, price and brand owners like to use to measure the quality of lubricating oil, but from the perspective of professionals that is not the choice of lubricant is better care of your car, not all oils are suitable for use in the summer.

Solution: Try to choose two of the higher grade lubricants. According to reports, a good lubricant according to SAE viscosity grade and API quality levels to choose from. If the API quality level has been fixed, Oil Change, note SAE viscosity grade mark on the packaging. To “SAE10W-40” as an example: SAE viscosity grade refers, W refers to use of oil for the winter, W in front of the figure is smaller, low-temperature fluidity of such lubricants as possible, lubricate better cold start; behind viscosity refers to the size of the digital 10,20,30,40 etc. the higher the number, the higher the temperature viscosity.

In everyday use, and not have to use expensive oil, and that the use of a good oil, the wrong label will cause harm to the car. The correct approach is to select the lubricant within the range specified by the manufacturer’s label. Winter selectable within the allowable range of relatively low viscosity lubricants; summer, on the contrary, you can choose a relatively high viscosity oil.

Myth 4: Reduce tire pressure to prevent puncture

Referred to prevent puncture during the summer, some of the older drivers often choose to lower the tire pressure recommended for novice to circumvent the puncture risk. In fact, lower tire pressure and sometimes even more dangerous than the tire pressure is too high.

This is because the majority of car tires are now radial tires. This tire carcass, the material is polymer multilayer cross, which is the number of the top layer of woven steel wire cord. If the tire pressure is not enough, these wires will increase the amount of variation in a short time will produce a lot of heat, this is the real reason for the summer puncture.

Meanwhile, the tire pressure is also directly related to traffic safety. Tire pressure is too low or too high will cause the power and braking performance of the vehicle, driving stability. Tire pressure is too low will make cars more expensive oil.

Solution: The best to the 4S shop owners or regular repair shop, regular inspection, adjust tire pressure, tire pressure maintained within the range specified in the factory. Especially before a long trip in summer, but also to carefully check the tires, in addition to tire pressure, the wear and tear, damage to the tire carcass needs to be careful not to “sick child” on the road. Usually the owner can also prepare a pen-type tire pressure gauge, tire pressure monitoring at any time.

If the owners and better financed, but also filled with nitrogen to tires and spare tire. Diatomic nitrogen is an inert gas, chemically extremely active, low coefficient of thermal expansion, low thermal conductivity, changes in temperature, low volume expansion than the air, reducing the chance of a puncture. Nitrogen filled tires when driving small deformation, the ability to improve grip and reduces rolling resistance and reduce fuel consumption.

Amid the hot weather, the owners are in addition to pay attention to these four errors in the hot summer to do a car targeted “examination” is the top priority. At present, many domestic auto brands have launched a summer service car maintenance services. A wealth of activities and professional services products that can help your car easily summer.

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Ford chairman: willing to cooperate with Uber, Lyft, etc

June 28, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that the automotive industry for trying to subvert the traditional business model of start-up companies, such as taxi service Uber and Lyft, Ford Chairman Bill Ford small (Bill Ford Jr.) Said he was for them open-minded cooperation.

“Whether it is Uber or Lyft, or another company (car company), we are willing to cooperate with them.” When Little Bill Ford recently accepted an interview with The Wall Street Journal said, “We are willing to get to know them, to see what a good cooperation in space, rather than shut out or ignore them. ”

Uber and Lyft become increasingly popular in recent years, which makes it possible to use a private car carrying money, but also bring convenience to consumers. At the same time, they also let the auto industry executives worry that they will suppress the growing market demand for new vehicles.

Little Bill Ford said the company’s board of directors often talk about the problem of disruptive innovation, business model and market changes and so on.

He advocated the automotive industry should embrace more conducive environment practices and technologies. He said he joined Ford in 1988 when the board said, “I have to stop dealing with environmental organizations.” In fact, he did not do it, but established a “sustainability committee”, meaning the saving water, reducing waste and other matter of effort, and to increase the use of renewable raw materials in the tracking company. Ford vcm ii

Bill Ford had little schematic Ford CEO Alan Mulally (Alan Mulally) must want to inject the concept of sustainable development among the company’s business plan. This prompted Ford to use recycled materials in plastic products, soy foam for automotive seating places for the material, the company later this year will introduce more hybrid vehicles. Little Bill Ford stressed that this year was named Interbrand “Best Global Green Brands.” Ford VCM II

In the past few years, small Bill Ford focus turned to mobility – or prevent immobility. Ford CEO-elect Mark Fields (Mark Fields) had said in his speech, Ford is becoming a “mobile company” car manufacturers should be involved in how to relieve urban traffic congestion discussion.

Some car manufacturers have also expressed similar concerns. “New technologies change the way we look at the way cars and traffic.” Osamu Nagata, president of Toyota Engineering Ford VCM and Manufacturing North America operations said in a statement Friday.

Threat of urban traffic congestion to the automotive industry to bring more and more obvious. For example, China’s largest city registered in limiting new car.

“We want to become the best car company, we focus on this goal, but we also recognize that the world we live in is changing, we are facing one of the problems is that urban traffic congestion.” Little Bill Ford said. “I think any company should be committed to making people’s lives better, and to solve their problems.”

To this end, Ford will seek to promote the semi-automatic driving and driving the popularity of exploration or relieve congestion car sharing project.

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Ford VCM IDS Original Diagnostic Tool

Ford VCM IDS diagnostic equipment is a factory for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Mazda models such as the design and development of automotive testing equipment, Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) is the Ford diagnostic system introduced in 2006, is the only fully cover all present and future Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Mazda models. IDS replaces the previous Worldwide Diagnostic System (WDS) diagnostic system, with WDS full functionality. As a new diagnostic system, IDS can diagnose future models.

Ford Vcm

IDS is also the Land Rover / Jaguar factory detector, is authorized repair station essential diagnostic tool.

Ford VCM functions: read data stream data flow curves plotted read DTCs, clear DTCs System Settings control unit programming


Record and Playback

To test the system: engine

Automatic Transmission


Traction control

Stability Control


Theft, central locking

Instrumentation, cruise, suspension, air conditioning

Electronically controlled steering system

VCM IDS diagnostic system configuration list

1xIDS diagnostic procedures (DVD)

1xVCM communication module

1xOBDII wiring

1xUSB-network cable


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Ford Fiesta ABS fault diagnosis to exclude two cases

Cases of a failure phenomenon:

A Ford Fiesta Fatal crash in motion, so that the right front side of the vehicle ABS pressure regulator assembly and piping severe damage. After replacing the pressure regulator and hose assembly, the car repair. Test and found that some of the wheels have locking phenomena, and some wheels without braking.


According to the above phenomenon, suspected to be a problem with the ABS system, first check the car dashboard settings ABS malfunction indicator. Showed normal (ie launch vehicles off after about 2s). Diagnostics using WDS. Found no fault code appears, commissioning and during braking. There elevation of the brake pedal feeling of pulsation described ABS work. The ECU will pull out the plug to test the conventional manner, the results show four wheels were normal (ie drag and India). According to the above inspection, the final ABS system determines the fault remains, the self-diagnostic system ECU but it can not detect a fault. Therefore still on the ABS system for analysis.

From the principle of the brake system architecture carnival look, the car with ABS electronically controlled independently controlled by the electronic control system, hydraulic system and conventional brake components. ABS electro-hydraulic control unit (HECU) electrical control part (ECU) to get the car’s speed signal from the arranged inside each wheel by ABS wheel speed sensor harness to determine the operating condition of the wheel. When braking, the brake pedal is applied to a sufficiently large force when the wheel tends to locking, ECU 即向 hydraulic control unit (HECU) instruction issued by a hydraulic adjustment, HECU adjustment instructions wheel braking the brake fluid pressure by a solenoid valve dynamic pressure regulator (ie, the pressure built, maintained, blood pressure). According to the principle structure of the above analysis, the car is a four-wheel independent control. ECU receives a wheel in a wheel speed signal to determine how the pressure regulator, i.e., a wheel speed signal and the wheel pressure regulating correspondence. If a received signal is a wheel speed, the other wheel away control of the pressure regulator, i.e., when a locking tendency of the wheels has issued the wheel speed signal received by the control ECU, slow locking away Another hydraulic wheel, without being reduced so that the locking; At the same time, should the locking wheel speed control signal has been away ECU receives a wheel locking tendency, so that the pressure, hold dead. As a result, some completely locking the wheels, and some wheels are no brakes.


From the above analysis, but also on each pipeline eleven checks. In this process, found that although there are differences pipe joints, but due to lack of attention and repair process to pick the wrong pipe, which appeared above the fault. Adjust the pipeline, troubleshooting.

Example Two Symptom:

A Ford Fiesta sedan. Traveling over 70,000 kilometers. The car ABS malfunction lamp is lit, the owner of the service station to repair my vehicle.


First with WDS read fault codes, display 00295, G45 is the right rear wheel speed sensor fault. This failure is generally caused by the following conditions:

● When the speed exceeds 10km / h, there is no speed signal is transmitted to the ABS control unit

● When the vehicle speed is greater than 40km / h. Speed ​​signal exceeds the standard value

● recognizable presence sensor circuit or positive, Ground wire short circuit fault

So should focus on the following tests:

● Line connection with the ABS wheel speed sensor control unit

● The wheel speed sensor is mounted and a ring gap, the installation location, and dust contamination or impurities

● fault sensor itself

In the car troubleshooting process, the first did not rush to check the speed of data. Engine idling, choose to read the data. After rising vehicle lift, and then observe the display data.

Wheel when stationary, the display area are displayed 0km / h, right-hand rear wheel is rotated, the second display area 8km / h. And the other wheel is rotated, a display area corresponding to observe that the basic line. Down vehicles, with WDS clear fault codes, ABS light is off, road test everything is normal.

WDS data reading, the second display area display group into the right rear wheel speed, both in the acceleration, deceleration, braking, the data is consistent with the other three wheels. ABS lamp is not lit, it can feel ABS braking system actuation, failure did not occur. As we prepared to return to the factory, the fault light illuminates again, out of the right rear wheel fault code occasional failures. According to the diagnostic status of the car, the only one possible, and that is to produce instantaneous short circuit or open circuit between the right rear wheel speed sensor and ABS control unit. According to the circuit diagram examination revealed, ABS control unit in the 24-pin connector pin 8 has a slight corrosion. Cleaner Repair, clear fault codes, test, everything is normal ford vcm ii.

Fault summary:

Asked the owner that, after washing the vehicle with high-pressure water cleaning the engine compartment, the reason can be imagined, the water splashed into the ABS control unit, resulting in the instant case of disconnection has occurred. It reminds us once again, in the diagnosis of such a failure, first consult the owner recent car situation, so detours.

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Ford VCM II testing equipment

Ford VCM II – FORD newest, MAZADA, Lincoln detection equipment, the new Land Rover and Jaguar does not function. VCM2 is the new Ford diagnostic tools. He came to be diagnosed by IDS software. VCM2 via OBD2 interfaces to the vehicle, connected to the computer via a USB cable or wireless network. After 2013, a number of new Ford cars must be diagnosed by VCM2.

Hardware of wired and wireless two versions, a basic version obd2works currently diagnosed with a wired in-line upgrade fee. Below the picture in the middle of the black pole line that called CFR (Customer Flight Recorder) tachograph – this is optional.

Contains the device:

VCM2 joints

OBD2 cable

USB cable

Wireless Adapter

CFR capable of detecting and recording support VCM II dynamic data flow from inside the vehicle. Optional. This provides a powerful help technicians diagnose intermittent problems. Suitable for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Mazda. Optional accessories: CFR new or refurbished dell ATG or D series computer, new or refurbished Panasonic notebook computer to install IDS software services & software installation

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2 minutes so that you become a vehicle fault diagnosis expert

Wheel turns black

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: wheel turns black because the brake when braking, brake calipers and wheel disc friction wear some toner, these toner if not promptly removed, because alloy wheels wheels will heat, these Toner heat resulting in coking surface alloy wheels, it becomes a hard surface layer of dark brown water can not always fall. Because the front brake, the vehicle center of gravity forward, all the weight is concentrated toward the front, the front brake causing heavy burden, which is the front brakes are grinding down a lot more than the rear Toner’s sake, to avoid such phenomenon, we must ground flush wheels.

Driving the same brand of car, why someone else’s car burn less oil, but his car was burning more oil

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: First of all, the car in the rugged, steep bend on the road and more magnanimous than on flat smooth roads with low friction oil consumption to more; cars in the sand, the soil surface than cement, asphalt the quality of roads to be more fuel; vehicles traveling in the downtown area than in the suburbs with fuel to be more. Complex downtown traffic, cars and often encounter traffic jams, low speed, and suburban traffic is relatively good, the car can keep the economy speeds. Secondly, you should always check the cylinder pressure changes, spark plugs and fuel system work working condition, the engine whether to choose the ideal mixture concentration and proper ignition timing, these are the key to determine how much fuel the car.

Windshield winter fog

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: In winter driving, especially just a few people on the bus, inside the front windshield fogging easily affected by sight, even constantly rub, or constantly foggy, particularly affecting traffic safety. Following is a brief rapid demisting and anti-fogging method: rapid demisting air conditioner switch opens the vent selector knob to the front windshield blown location, three or more closed or reduced outlet, turn the knob to adjust the air volume to the appropriate location. If the outside air is dry, the air is good, the intake should be chosen from outside the vehicle, otherwise you can choose interior air circulation. The temperature control knob to the right position, so that the interior temperature comfortable. Glass using a dedicated anti-fog glass fogging agent, supermarket or car shop on sale, the price is not expensive, very good. If there is no special glass fogging agent, you can also use household detergent or detergent instead of glass, it would be a clean wet cloth, wipe the inner surface of the windshield, and then wipe clean the glass can also play the role of the anti-fog.

When hill parking, sometimes “P” gear shift position can not move

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: Sometimes vehicles parking in the hill again, “P” file location can not move the file to start the engine when the phenomenon. This is because we generally are the first stop after depressing the brake, put the gear down “P” gear position, lift the rear brake pedal, the vehicle will move because of the weight, resulting in mechanical locking transmission “claw” force the card in the slot caused jaws, causing appear when moving files to effortlessly feeling. This is not a fault, the correct method of operation would avoid such a situation. Namely: the brake pedal, the shift lever is placed in the P file, pull the handbrake, then lift the brake pedal.

From the mist inside the headlight

Failure to determine: true failure.

Analysis: After the headlamp cover has a plastic or rubber ventilation channel, and this channel on the headlamp structure must exist, otherwise the thermal expansion of the gas can not be ruled out, the ventilation channel is not only a gas inlet. If slight haze phenomenon, after the air circulation or open headlamp will soon dispersed, if there is always need water or mist can not afford to loose a professional car repair workshop excluded.

Walking through uneven road vehicle deceleration or buffer zone of “creak” sound

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: Under normal circumstances, whether a new car or a used car, while walking through uneven pavement or road gear buffer zone, will have a “creak” sound. Sound will be smaller car, cars will be larger, this is not a malfunction. This is due to the current car independent suspension structure are used, in order to achieve damping portion connected with a rubber member, the vibration when the vehicle reaches a certain level, due to the deformation of the rubber member and sound, when the amplitude of the vibration is relatively small , the sound is relatively small.

Pedal slight “creak” sound when the clutch

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: Some vehicles when the clutch pedal, always will issue similar to “squeak, squeak” sound, it is annoying, but also thought it was a faulty clutch, this phenomenon is due to the support shaft due to the long clutch pedal The wear and tear caused by the use of mild, generally apply some lubricant support shaft at it.

Level within the brake master cylinder cup with the use of oil continue to reduce

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: Some friends often careful cleaning, check the vehicle. You will find the brake fluid level in the brake fluid cup constantly low, this is not a malfunction. This is because with the use of the vehicle, the brake pads gradually wear thin, the brake fluid in the master cylinder cup oil continues into the brake cylinder, which is normal, when the replacement of brake pads, brake fluid it can be restored to the original level of the height of the.

There are slight “leak” sound when the brake pedal

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: This is the sound emitted by the vacuum booster. The vacuum brake booster negative pressure principle is the atmospheric pressure difference generated between the work when using the engine turbocharger to force the inner rubber diaphragm moves, pushing the brake master cylinder piston, in order to reduce the driver brake pedal force. When not step on the brake pedal, the engine intake manifold negative pressure is introduced into the cavity on both sides of the diaphragm, the pressure balance so that the turbocharger does not work when the brake pedal, the booster cavity of the rubber diaphragm The vacuum holes closed and open air holes to allow outside air to enter, because the pressure is greater than the pressure chamber to another chamber, forcing the rubber diaphragm to move and drive the brake master cylinder piston moves, and thus play a role in supercharging ford vcm ii.

When the brake pedal, shift lever at the “clicking” sound

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: automatic transmission shift lever to prevent misuse of vehicles generally have a function to prevent the driver or the vehicle occupant safety accidents occur due to misuse. So, in the “P” position without the brake pedal gear shift lever can not carry. Lever at the “rattling” sound is the sound when the solenoid valve action, every step on the brake pedal again, the solenoid valve will be audible vcm ii.

Depress the clutch pedal amount of hours, holding files not happy, and sometimes when you hang gear impacts.

Failure to determine: false failures.

Analysis: Some cars use a clutch cable type. When there will be a period of time after the clutch pedal gradually becomes low, feeling short trip when the clutch is not happy when hanging files, and sometimes when you hang gear impacts. This is because the cable adjuster lock nut fixing the clutch pedal with the increase in the number of threads caused by automatic rotation. This is not a fault, just a little rotation lock nut can be fixed.

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Tell your Ford car fault diagnosis and simple treatment method

1, the exhaust black smoke:

Failure to determine: true failure. Analysis: indicates that the mixture is too thick, incomplete combustion. The main reason is the car engine overload, lack of cylinder pressure, engine temperature is too low, improperly adjusted carburetor, air filter clogging, and individual cylinder ignition does not work late and so on. When troubleshooting, it is timely to check whether the choke fully open, overhaul, if necessary; look after the flame from the mouth of the main nozzle carburetor, if oil injection or drip out, then float chamber oil level is too high and should be adjusted to the specified range Tighten or replace the main jet; clogged air filter should be cleaned or replaced dredge.

2, the vehicle’s exhaust pipe exhaust blue smoke:

Failure to determine: true failure. Analysis: due to the large amount of oil into the cylinder, but can not due to incomplete combustion. Remove the spark plug, you can find a serious coke phenomenon. Need to check the oil dipstick is too high; cylinder and piston clearance is too large; piston ring is installed backwards; intake valve guide seals for wear or damage; cylinder head gasket is ablation, where necessary, be repaired.

3, vehicle exhaust pipe white smoke, severe cold car, not white smoke hot car:

Failure to determine: false failures. Analysis: This is because gasoline contains water, while the engine is too cold, then the fuel into the cylinder cause incomplete combustion or steam generated fog formation of white smoke point. Winter or rainy season, when the car is first started, we often see rows of white smoke. It does not matter if the engine temperature rises, white smoke will disappear. This condition does not have to overhaul.

4, engine noise, step on the accelerator pedal when the vehicle is in place, the “Long, Long” noise, vibration sense of the engine compartment.

Fault determination: Use fault. Analysis: lifting the vehicle, you can see the engine has a bump toe board traces. If there are obstacles in the road and forced through the engine toe-boards should be bump. Toe-board engine oil pan after deformation distance becomes closer, if too close when accelerating sump guard plate collided with the bottom of abnormal noises will make body vibration. Therefore, we must carefully observe the traffic in the road, do not cause drag the bottom phenomenon. Treatment: Remove the toe board, flatten correction can vcm ii

5, the steering wheel of the vehicle is always correct, left a will, a will to the right, erratic:

Failure to determine: true failure. Analysis: This is due to the fixed steering groove of the rubber stopper has been completely damaged cause. After the new stopper refitted fault completely disappear.vcm ii


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